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Having an online course or membership platform is a must in today’s world. For some, it is literally like having a cash stream with no work. If your course is good enough, it sells itself. If your course is fun, then the people taking it sell it for you.

Where Do You Start?

What are you offering

The first thing you need to figure out is what are you offering. Is it a true course? Just paid access to material? Some combination of both?

How will it be setup

Do you want a true course layout where your customers need to complete one section before getting access to the next? Will it be a free-for-all?


Do you need/want to be able to manage sales from the same location or from somewhere else?


Do you want gamification? The ability to make things fun for the customers. Such as a point system for completing certain aspects of the courses you are offering?


Do you want to be able to control every aspect of your course and material? Are you ok with simply having a place for people to access it without you being able to control it?

The future

What are your future plans? Starting with something that will grow with you is always a batter idea than starting with one thing and having to migrate to something else later.

What's the right solution for me?

If you just want an area to store content that members have to pay to gain access to then Memberium is your best bet. You can read more about Memberium here.

If you want the best there is, and want to be able to control everything then look no further than AccessAlly. You can read more about AccessAlly here.

What's Next?

do it yourself

If you have the answers to all of those questions you can do this yourself. If you simply want a private area that protects your content so that only paying members have access, then I recommend you use Memberium. If you want to offer courses, gamification, built in sales, and control every aspect of your private content then in my opinion the only choice is AccessAlly Pro.

hire a professional

Hire me and I will guide you through the process, from start to finish. I will help you make the right decisions about which membership/course plugin will work best for your situation, and always at the cheapest price. I understand how much of a struggle this can be for a small business. I also understand how to get the most out of each solution. I am a Certified Memberium Implementation Partner and an AccessAlly Certified Expert as well.

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