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Memberium is the best membership site plugin for WordPress. It integrates with Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign and makes it possible for you to provide protected content to your users.

What Can Memberium Do For You?

Unlimited Memberships

You can create as many memberships as you like in Memberium. You might have a free level to get people “in the door.” You may have a few different paid levels. However many you want, you can have.

Unlimited users

Memberium does not limit the number of users that can be enrolled in your memberships. If you can get 3 billion people to sign up for your content, then you can have 3 billion people in your membership site.

Advanced Shortcodes

Memberium comes with tons of shortcodes that let you run advanced actions in WordPress and help you connect data from your CRM to WordPress. Add one click upsells, list contact information, run action sets, and more.


More integration than you can shake a stick at. These integrations help you connect your CRM and get more features out of many popular plugins such as: Learndash, BBPress, BadgeOS, WooCommerce, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and more.

Easy Peasy

Use automation features of your CRM to control what your members do and see. Control what they have access to and what they don’t. Give them the ability to update their information from names to credit cards.

Umbrella Accounts

Setup Umbrella accounts and you will be able to sell your content in bulk. Basically this gives you the ability to sell as many licenses to access your content as you want to a single individual, who can then invite whomever they want. This is great for selling to organizations.

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