Struggling with Your Membership Site?

We specialize in membership sites and online courses. Let us help you start, grow, or enhance your site and make a better experience for your clients.

What is Possible?

  • An unlimited number of courses
  • Automate customer follow up to keep them engaged and coming back
  • Create recurring memberships, that's money in your bank every month!
  • Show or hide offers based on what a member has purchased
  • Badges when someone completes specific sections
  • Personalized certificates
  • Create tests based on your content and only give out certificates if they get XX%
  • Build a training/certification site for your employees and track if they are doing the work
  • Allow customers to see their invoices, subscriptions, and update credit cards
  • And much, much more.... If you can think it we can do it

We're Here To Help You Succeed


We use Memberium for your membership site. As the leading plugin for creating a community it is the best solution to get your paid content into the hands of clients.


We use Infusionsoft, the best small business CRM, for marketing and payments and know exactly how to get the most bang for your buck with this robust platform.

What Do Our Customers Have To Say?

In today’s world, if you want to be taken seriously, you need a website. There is no if's and but's about it. Offering our services online and having a membership area on our website is what grew our business 5X.

We are lucky we found Macon Solutions to build this part of our business for us. They are exceptionally competent, so much so that they made it look easy and effortless. They helped us avoid the common mistakes of membership websites and offered quick and effective solutions for every issue we had, actually often proactively avoiding them.

They have an “everything has a solution attitude” and will terminate problems with the dead efficiency of a team of Navy SEALs. If you want to have an online membership community, I can’t recommend Macon Solutions highly enough. Their services have made the difference in customer satisfaction, both for us and our clients!

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