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No matter if you need a new site built or an old site renewed, I am here to help.

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Designing and creating websites, launching stunning products, making clients happy! I've done it all!

I have built websites for apparel printing companies, fitness coaches, doctors, e-commerce platforms, and many more companies. If you have an idea, I have a solution. Attention to detail is what sets me apart from other companies. If you want your dream site built right the first time then you have come to the right place.


I pay attention to the little details that make your site pop.


I will ensure your site meets strict security needs.


I can meet any design specifications.


I ensure your site is responsive to all needs.


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Easy Updates

Your site will be easy for you to update yourself. No matter if it is a page, a blog post, or even a sales page, you will be able to easily make needed changes to a site I build.

Built in Security

All websites are built to strict security standards. This increases customer security, lowers your ability to be hacked, and keeps you compliant with security standards like the GDPR.

Responsive Designs

I only build responsive websites. This means your site will display correctly on all computers, tablets, phones, and even screen readers.


Everyone wants to be on the front page of google when someone is searching for terms related to their business. I make it easy for you to update these terms as they change for your needs.

Other Related Services

I can help with all your Infusionsoft/Keap needs.


I can help with all of your membership site needs.


I can help you meet Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


Tyler Hare

Advanced Trauma Training Systems

Website Alchemy!


Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the services Macon Solutions provided for my startup, Advanced Trauma Training Systems.


After securing my domain and choosing an online e-commerce platform I found myself disappointed with the website’s generic template, lack of intuitive customization options, and over my head when setting up the backend for SEO, mail lists, and additional security measures.


Scott, your turnkey solutions were invaluable! I was able to continue to focus on growing my company while you developed a platform that integrated my e-commerce with a robust platform that is intuitive and easy to manage. After you gave me the tour of my website I am confident in continuing its growth and my ability to manage the search engine optimization, social media integrations, and updating the increasing selection of inventory; you made it that simple.


This was easily one of the best investments I made for myself; everything presents clean, has a custom feel, and most importantly, you gave me the independence to get in there and make the changes I need to.

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